Tapout Martial Arts Adults is for any adult who wants to learn martial arts no matter how old they are. This program offers a full study of the Tapout Martial Arts by Greg Jackson system, with a heavy emphasis on not only technique, but also tactical strategy and training methods that are unique to the system. Class consists of sport specific exercises, technique drills, and a variety of world class training methods developed by Greg Jackson to build UFC world champions. This is a progressive class and is open to anyone at any fitness level.


Tapout Martial Arts Juniors brings students to the next level of martial arts. Based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program, students will progress through the belt system by learning intermediate levels of strikes and mobility. Class consists of physical and mental exercises, mixed martial arts techniques, and games that are designed to benefit students both physically and mentally while sharpening their techniques. Students will not only learn how to fight, but will start to recognize opponent’s movements and patterns and how to react in those situations.


Based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program, Tapout Martial Arts Kids is an introduction to the world of martial arts. Students will learn traditional martial arts values such as respect, focus, and discipline in an environment that cultivates personal growth. Class consists of physical and mental exercises, mixed martial arts techniques, and games that are designed to benefit students both physically and mentally while sharpening their techniques.


Yoga has been around in some form for centuries and is one of the most popular of all group fitness classes. Great for toning your entire body and developing unbelievable flexibility, Tapout Fitness offers a unique and beautiful environment to participate in top-notch Yoga instruction while having access to all the other fitness products we offer.


Dancing is not only fun, but also it’s also one of the best aerobic style cardiovascular workouts you can do. Tapout Dance uses high-energy dance music to inspire you to build the body of a professional dancer, and have a great time doing it.


A boot camp style workout created with the right mix of strength, cardio and core work with a strong emphasis on TEAMWORK! Through 60 minutes of a challenging mix of body weight movements, speed and agility drills, this teamwork style environment will take your fitness to its maximum potential! Great for corporate groups of 6-20 participants.


Tapout Fit is a challenging and adaptable 30-minute workout designed around the Focusmaster. Using elements of boxing, kickboxing, and the Focusmaster machine, Tapout Fit will condition you whole body no matter what your fitness goals. This class combines striking combinations and interval training that will build muscle and shed fat at unbelievable rates. Warm-up, improve, and regenerate; Tapout Fit provides you the key tools of fitness.


Tapout Strike is a 45-minute fitness based class using the newest striking techniques to get you in shape and looking your best. Based on the curriculum created by Coach Brandon Gibson of Jackson Wink MMA Academy, you will incorporate core body mechanics while learning the latest boxing and kickboxing combinations. Not only will you learn striking, you will also learn heavy bag and mitt work! Tapout Strike will start with a pre workout to get your blood pumping, move into conditioning and stretching, followed by fitness striking and a post workout. This class is for adults of all ages and all fitness levels.


An addictive 60-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT), boot camp style workout designed with functional fitness in mind. This combines Kettlebells, battle ropes, and explosive aerobic movements with anaerobic strength exercises that will maximize calorie burning and looking and feeling like a champion. Inspired coaching and powerful music will be with you every step of the way, providing you the motivation to achieve the body you always wanted. This class is for an adult of all ages, any fitness level, and will get you into the best shape of your life.


Tapout 20 is a self-motivated, express, circuit-training workout that will teach you the basics of working out and martial arts in a non-intimidating, adaptive way. Tapout 20 is a progression of exercises and the total circuit takes only 20 minutes! The Tapout 20 is perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced participant. This can be done as part of your workout or it can be the “thing” you do!


Nobody’s in better shape than pro boxers, and if you’re experiencing stress, our punching bags may be the cure. We’ve incorporated all the most effective elements of a professional boxers training regimen into a fun aerobic workout that is perfect for weight loss and toning, while learning how to properly punch.


Tapout Preseason is a unique structured class offered in 6-8 week cycles and is specific to a single sport. This program is for athletes that want to improve their individual in-season performance in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, or soccer. This is a progressive program, meaning each class builds upon the previous. This is the training the PROS get; now you can as well!


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